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We’re the most trusted and most reliable professional contractor in the city when it comes to constructing and building embankments for residential or commercial properties.. We offer a comprehensive service that covers all works related to the design and build of your retaining wall. What we offer:

Retaining Walls Salem Oregon business is founded by the core values that we continue to embody since the beginning – excellence, innovation, quality workmanship, and transparency. Follow us on Facebook and check out several great words from our clients about our works.

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At our company, we value your investments. That is why we strive to give our customers the finest quality of services and that they deserve. We treat our clients as stakeholders of our growing business because they are essential parts of what and where we are today.

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Landscape Retaining Walls Salem OR

Several factors affect the durability and strength of embankments. As a professional contractor, we understand the reason why property owners have a difficult time choosing the right builder for their projects. Wall blocks are investments. Not only do they add value to your property but also primarily serve as structures to reduce the risk of soil erosion in residential or commercial properties. If built inappropriately, this can result in damages to the property and will most probably cost more for repairs or maintenance. This is the importance of getting the most professional services in construction, one that is trusted and proven to deliver the highest quality of workmanship. If you agree to the statements above, contact us now and we will be pleased to discuss them in detail.

Landscape Retaining Wall Builders Salem

The Finest Quality is our Promise

There are essential reasons why hiring a professional contractor is the best decision property owners make. First, a professional contractor has been in the business for a long. This means you are getting peace of mind that they know what they are doing. This will also allow you to focus on more important things than to micromanage a construction team.

Trusted and Proven Quality Workmanship

Being in the business for many years and as the leading name in the industry, we understand the value of delivering the highest quality of workmanship in customer satisfaction and loyalty. We build our reputation for quality by adapting the latest solutions and gaining acknowledgment with established industry quality standards.

Salem's Contractor of Choice

Our works are inspired by the trust and confidence that the Salem locals have entrusted us. Quality of workmanship is our brand. Our reputation as the most preferred contractor is founded on the trust and confidence that our locals have entrusted with us. That is why we are the locally preferred builder in Salem and nearby areas.


We keep up with the evolving technology and solutions in the industry. We faithfully live up to our corporate values of excellence and innovation. Our team is dedicated to improving our skills and competencies to achieve a competitive advantage in the industry. We use modern systems in fulfilling our services. Our value for innovation helps us differentiate our business from the competition.

Types of Retaining Walls We Build

Home Block Wall Repair Services in OR

At RWSO, we don’t label projects as big or small. Regardless of size, we render the same quality of workmanship for all our  projects. This is why we are the most preferred name in the city of Salem and other neighboring areas. If you are looking for a builder that delivers quality workmanship, our company is what you are looking for. We are faithful to our corporate values and we commit to understanding the needs of our customers, old and new alike.

Natural Stone

Stone Block

Concrete Block



Sheet Piling


Through our extensive experience in handling various retaining wall projects across Salem, we understand the crucial role of wall blocks in protecting your property, especially in lawn management. Designing and building a retaining wall for specific purposes, whether residential or commercial, is a good investment for your property. Investment equates to an amount of money that you spend that in return, will serve its purpose. With this in mind, we are committed to delivering retaining wall projects with excellence and the highest quality. Choosing us to do the job means trusting our brand of service. At Retaining Wall Salem, we bank on that trust and confidence from our customers, and we never fail them.

Natural Stone

Natural stones are known for rain flow control. The properties that consist of this type of material for building impede extreme flooding due to heavy rains. It also provides a great ability in managing dampness. Natural stones are highly preferred by homeowners who like to have both functionality and aesthetics as they meld perfectly to the natural beauty of any landscape while at the same time serve their purpose of preventing your terrain from washing away.

Stone Block

Stone blocks are most ideal for commercial or residential properties that are constructed on hills or inclined areas. A wall made from stone blocks are practical options because of the safety they promote and the lesser threat of falling together that can result in damages to the property. Adding to the protection is the wide array of design options to choose from that will allow you to style your wall the way you desire it to be.


Bricks are highly recommended due to their strength and durability. This type of material can be used with the other materials for building, making them stronger and more durable, they can keep up well with dampness and varying climates.

Concrete Block

The best examples of concrete blocks can be seen along express highways, neighborhood entry areas, business parks, and many other places we see every day. There is an increasing number of property owners who prefer concrete for many reasons that range from versatility, lifespan, and beauty. It is for these benefits that concrete are priced higher than the other materials.  The construction of concrete comes in massive scales nowadays. It is crucial to hire skilled and professional concrete contractors to build concrete wall blocks as they require challenging and complex methods to construct.


Wooden retaining embankments can be made from three major types of wood – standard wood, timber, or railroad ties. Wood, as material from nature, melds perfectly with the inherent ambiance of a place. In terms of cost, wood is priced affordably compared to other materials as suppliers can produce this resource easily. Wood are also easy to install. However, the major drawback of wood as a material is its lifespan. Wood is prone to festering and corroding which greatly affects its strength and durability. 


This type of wall is constructed without any support, and thus, requires an unobstructed excavation. Cantilever wall blocks are built following a definite depth. This is so they can hold back the side they are supposed to keep from washing away or eroding. Unlike concrete that need complex construction processes, cantilever types of wall blocks require simple building methods.


Secured embankments are anchored to a cord or strip to the structures that they are fastened to. These are ideal for closed-packed and narrow sidings. This uses the tie-back system that enhances stability, strength, and durability. 

Sheet Piling

Characterized by overlapping edges of steel sheets, these walls are made from sheet pilings provide excavation support by forcing the edges to the ground. These materials come in a wide array of sizes, lengths, and steel choices to choose from. Whether you want to build a temporary or permanent support, sheet pilings allow you to do both. Steel sheets chiefly consist of tight joints that are great at water control due to their effective sealing ability. 


If you hesitate in constructing a wall because of space-constraint concerns, the gravity wall would be a perfect fit for your landscape. Gravity wall blocks are a popular option for residential spaces where there is usually limited space to build a wall. The advantage of gravity walls in a space-constraint area lies in their construction method. These are built relying on their weight. The concrete slabs which consist of these are processed to provide enhanced resistance to different weathers.

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1. Outlining the Project Plan

One of our corporate core values is honesty in all our services. We live up to this value when we make your project estimates. We put high regard to transparency when we make our project quotations because we give importance to the trust and confidence that our customers give us the moment they inquire about our services. We commit to present our project proposals in a manner that our customers understand the terms and conditions, the scope of work, and the timeline of building activities. We believe that when we educate our customers with the right knowledge of the project, they can come up with a sound choice that works for their preference and budget. 

Step 2: Fulfillment of the Project

We deploy our professional team on-site when our customers are amenable to the details of the proposal. We take pride in the qualities of our people that define the quality of services that we deliver. We value each business that we make every day across the entire Salem location and its neighboring areas not only by meeting customer expectations but also by completing our projects with the finest quality of materials and workmanship.

Step 3: Quality at its Finest

We are committed to completing our projects with the finest quality because we believe that highly satisfied customers are essential to brand reputation and company credibility. We are the leading and most locally preferred contractor because of the modern solutions that we incorporate with our competent workforce. Through this, our customers are guaranteed that we know what we are doing and we stay true to our promise of the finest quality services. Being in the business for many years, we can establish a great business relationship with our growing customers in Salem and its nearby places, and we continue to strive and develop our services to earn client loyalty and open opportunities in making the new business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a retaining wall a necessary structure in my property?

Retaining walls Salem OregonA retaining wall is primarily constructed for lawn management and landscaping. There are many reasons why they are recommended in residential or commercial properties. First, it is a cost-effective structure for flood control. They serve as an efficient deterrent to flooding water due to heavy rains. Through building a retaining wall, you are equipping your property with a structure that is great at flood protection. They also play an essential role in reducing the risks of soil erosion. Wall blocks resist soil pressure that causes the land to erode. They are effective structures to hold your terrain and prevent it from washing away. Retaining abutments are purposely built to provide support when you want to change the arrangement of your landscape. We understand that wall blocks are good investments. The cost of hiring a professional contractor to get the retaining wall job done is justified by the quality materials, industry-standard building processes, and peace of mind that you will have when you entrust this project to professionals.

How long can retaining walls last?

A properly built retaining wall generally has a lifespan of 30 to 50 years. The durability and strength of your wall blocks depend on several factors that affect their lifespan – soil quality, varying climates, the quality of the foundation, materials used, among others. Regularly maintaining your retaining wall also contributes to lengthening the lifespan of your wall block. These varying factors are best assessed through the help of a professional retaining wall builder. The benefit of hiring a competent and experienced team is the guarantee that the structure is constructed by a highly competent crew who knows and understands the technical requirement and the building methods.


What are the qualities to look for when choosing the best retaining wall contractor?

The first indicator of a highly competent retaining wall builder can be determined at the first step in getting their services – their cost estimates. Does the scope of work justify the price? Is their quotation honest and upfront and without hidden charges? The next thing to pay attention to is the presentation of the project proposal. Browse through every detail of the proposal and ask as many questions as necessary to gauge the technical knowledge of the contractors in the retaining wall services that they offer. Were they able to explain and expound the clauses or the terms and conditions that are stated in the proposal? Remember that it is only when customers understand every part of the project proposal can they make a sound choice. Choosing the most reliable and most trusted contractor is indeed very challenging. We take pride in our reputation as the leading local company on retaining wall works. This is one of the proofs that we deliver high-quality retaining wall projects that make our customers happy and satisfied.

What are the basic maintenance requirements of a retaining wall?

For non-professionals, maintaining a retaining wall can be very challenging. There are several things to regularly check that require the proper tools and the right skills to do. Regular inspection is a must. Depending on the type of material used, inspection methods vary. For example, a concrete retaining wall’s threat is wall cracks. Undetected cracks can worsen over time and will increase the risk of collapsing. Wooden retainers, on the other hand, have shorter lifespans of 3 to 5 years. Wood is less durable and will require regular inspection for possible festering and rotting. The good news is, Retaining Wall Salem offers comprehensive services that cover not just retaining wall installation but also include maintenance and repairs to achieve a longer-lasting wall block. With our extensive experience in the business, we have covered all types and have improved through applied modern solutions different methods of maintenance requirement regardless of the kind of retaining wall that you have.

What type of retaining wall do you recommend if a customer is looking for a long-lasting wall block?

Whether your retaining wall is built to last for 3, 5, 50, or 100 years, a great factor that affects its lifespan is the quality of materials used to construct it. Although they are priced more expensive than the other types of retaining concrete have the longest lifespan among the wall block options in the market. Concrete walls cost from $23 to $25 per square foot. The price you pay for its durability, strength, stability, and beauty as they exude modern sleekness in terms of design.

How much will a retaining wall construction cost me?

Depending on what consists of your retaining wall construction material, prices vary. The cost of building a retaining wall ranges from $3 to $25 per square foot, Concrete wall blocks are priced higher than the other materials as they require challenging construction processes that require the right tools, skills, and building competencies. To get the most out of your retaining wall construction budget, we always recommend hiring a professional contractor with a proven reputation in wall block services. 

What Our Customers Say

Over time, we have earned our reputation as the most locally preferred retaining wall contractor in the entire area, including its nearby areas. Here are a few great customer opinions about our works.

Clients Are Protected by Our Triple Guarantee

Outstanding Services

The varied and increasing customer expectations from retaining wall contractors drive us to always render outstanding services to new and old customers alike. We understand that the quality of our services has a great impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our many years of being in the retaining wall service industry have provided us with the opportunity to work with different customers with varying criteria for quality workmanship. Through our extensive experience in the business, we take pride in saying that we make all our customers happy with our projects. We take inspiration from all the great reviews we get from our clients. They fuel us to continue our outstanding services.

Redefining Customer Satisfaction

What sets us apart from the competition is the highest standards of customer satisfaction we give our customers. Despite the challenging competition in the market, we boast of our title as the most trusted and most reliable company in retaining wall construction in Salem and the rest of its neighboring areas. 

Trusted and Proven by the Locals

The most basic type of local marketing is word of mouth. The proof that our retaining wall services make our customers happy and satisfied is evident in how they retell their customer experience to their families, friends, colleagues, and their community. Our local market is growing over time and we benefit from this continuing growth by making new businesses from new customers across the state, including the areas outside the city. 

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