Retaining walls are very useful when it comes to fixing one issue but most people don’t realize that they can solve a plethora of issues. The main function of a retaining wall is to stop soil from moving during construction. On top of that, they can help with drainage, water runoff, soil erosion, and more. Read on for more on the different common problems that you can solve with a retaining wall.

Sloped Properties

If you’re thinking about buying property, and one of the features is that it has a lot of inclined slopes around then you might be getting frustrated having all this open space that you cannot use. For example, do you want to include a basketball court? Do you also desire to add additional parking spaces?​ 

Or if your property is extremely sloped, you’re probably thinking about selling it. We hear you! You can get some flat space out of those slopes though. Try building a retaining wall. Retaining walls will help flatten your land out into usable space that you could never have imagined before. You will be able to find solutions soon by hiring one of our retaining wall contractors for their expertise.

Drainage Problems

When it rains, any water that falls on your property should immediately flow to the nearest storm drain and out of sight and mind. If it doesn’t, you either have drainage issues or a foundation problem: typically, these two things go together. It’s not uncommon for rainwater to end up in the basement instead of in the soil surrounding a house – sometimes causing serious structural damage before you even realize there’s a problem. Drainage solution: Build rainwater collection ponds to collect excess water, install underground pipe drainage systems, or use retaining walls to block runoff from an impermeable foundation (a concrete patio for example).

Soil Erosion

The most effective way to prevent erosion on the land of your home or your business is by retaining walls. Also, Erosion control products are another perfect choice to stop erosion in its tracks. You definitely don’t want anything sliding downhill and ruining some of the expensive features of your home or smashing some offices!

Erosion happens gradually and is caused by several variables such as wind, water, or gravity. Earth could slip down the slope onto your property or fall out from under it endangering the structures. Ideally, retaining walls will secure your home/business from erosion damage. 

Having erosion issues on your land might require you to put up retaining walls to prevent this from happening. If your home or business is located near water, these walls are absolutely necessary! Earth can shift and fall in when there isn’t anything to support it and cause safety hazards for residents. 

Landscaping Problems

Sometimes a big hillside can undermine an otherwise pleasant view. A retaining wall between the house and the hill is all it takes to level the flow of your yard landscaping, creating additional usable space to place patios on. If you really want to take advantage of that option, build multiple terraces situated in between each other, too. Create spaces that are visually stimulating as well as beneficial for gardening nearly anywhere throughout your yard! With so many options available for arranging things, there’s one layout sure to inspire everyone’s creativity when making large-scale alterations to their landscape design or small upgrades like adding some new plant life or giving existing plants a make-over.

Tight Spaces

When it comes to outdoor seating, one great way to maximize the use of your wall space is by installing a bench and backless wall systems on top. This creates an attractive look that gives you the seating area in a smaller space without sacrificing floor space. It’s also perfect for retaining walls because, unlike regular seating where people can get in the way of walking, people gravitate towards benches and backless walls, so there is less impact on other pedestrians. 

A well-designed retaining wall can make a great place to sit outside. This will take the place of an average outdoor bench or provide needed extra seating when a fancy log bench just won’t do. 

Retaining Walls Salem Oregon You Can Trust

At Retaining Walls Salem Oregon, we can help you make your property more beautiful and more valuable by building a retaining wall design that not only looks great but maintains functionality as well.No matter if you require a retaining wall for a residential home or a commercial structure, we can design and build a wall that meets your needs and your budget. We have years of experience in working with retaining wall designs and will take what you want into consideration when helping you design your project. Ready to get started? Contact us today!